Project Context

Fidelis is the heavyweight of the cyber security industry — specializing in preventing data breaches and network/endpoint threats. They were looking to redesign their legacy application to boost customer account creation. That’s where I came in.

Fidelis tasked me with overhauling and redesigning their entire EndPoint application. They wanted to offer a more intuitive user experience packed with useful new features for web and mobile devices.


I was the lead designer for this project. A job this huge involved a myriad of things such as:

  • Producing iterative design sketches, storyboards, user task flows, wire frames and prototypes.
  • Composing powerful visualization components, in part through multi-colored font icons.
  • Creating a robust style guide with CSS/ LESS/Sass.
  • Punctilious persona creation and usability testing with end user.
  • Events: System, Network, Files, Parent/Child Process, Registry
  • Data Visualization: Hyperbolic Tree, Bubble, Swim lane, bar, pie, etc.
  • Endpoint Management: Rules, Group, Reports, Job Options/Scheduling
  • Branding: Icons, Style Guide, UI Design Patterns
  • Information Architecture: Experience Map, Sitemap, Wireframes, Mockups, Prototyping


After a mammoth, years-long endeavor, Fidelis came away with an excellent result. They have a sleek new design that helps their clients use their Endpoint product with ease. Highlights of the redesign include gorgeous visualizations for better analytics, fluid navigation, and a more efficient workflow.

Fidelis Cyber Security
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